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The Democratic Party of Virginia exists to facilitate and encourage the full participation of all Virginians in choosing their elected officials and controlling their political destiny. It is dedicated to the preservation of all the rights enumerated in Article One of the Constitution of Virginia. The Democratic Party of Virginia exercises full equality with Democratic parties in other states in controlling the activities and establishing the principles of the National Democratic Party. ~Democratic Party of Virginia Party Plan, Preamble

9thCDDems Mission

  • to elect a Democratic Congressman / Congresswoman,
  • to help elect Democrats and Democratic supporters in all offices in the district,
  • to engage and help local Democratic committees and candidates organize effectively with outreach, support resources, and training,
  • to help recruit Democratic candidates,
  • to collaborate with Democratic, liberal, and progressive groups in the district,
  • to support our Democratic elected officials, and
  • to hold accountable and challenge elected Republicans in the district.

26 local Democratic Committees of the 9th Congressional District (29 jurisdictions, 3 are combined: Allegahany-Covington, Martinsville-Henry, Wise-Norton). * indicates completed reorganization 2018-20, including election of officers (must be completed by January 15, 2018)

last updated 1/16/2017

The 9th Congressional District Democratic Committee is composed of 20 members elected to 4-year terms at a district convention in each gubernatorial election year. These members are equally divided between men and women.

  • As outlined in section 6.2 of the Party Plan, four committee members are elected to serve 2-year terms as ‘Additional Members‘ representing cities and counties. These members are also equally divided between men and women. *
  • In addition, in section 4.1 of the Party Plan, the 9th District Committee also gains additional voting members from certain party caucuses and officer positions. **

Officers 2017-2021

Chairwoman: Deborah Sweeney Baum
Vice Chair: Andrew Whitley
Secretary: Kim Chiapetto
Treasurer: Dean Chiapetto

Appointments and Other

Caucus and Committee Representatives

Voting Members

new 9thCD members

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The current members of the 9th District Democratic Committee (alphabetically):

  1. Deb Baum (Chair)
  2. Mary Biggs
  3. David Boehm
  4. Laurie Buchwald
  5. Tim Carpenter
  6. Dean Chiapetto (Treasurer)
  7. Kim Chiapetto (Secretary)
  8. Steve Cochran (VA DNC member) **
  9. Karen Combs
  10. Terry Frye *
  11. Gary Hancock
  12. Julie Hensley
  13. John Hopkins
  14. Mike Hudson
  15. Walter Jenny
  16. Rose Ann Jenny *
  17. Greg Kallen
  18. Joan Kark
  19. Oliver Keene
  20. Haley Legg
  21. Roberta Oliver (12.2.2017 filling vacancy from Jessica Bennett)
  22. Vern Presley *
  23. Vee Shapiro-Frye (DPVA Rural Caucus Chair) **
  24. Janet Tate *
  25. Mary Lynn Tate
  26. Andrew Whitley (Vice Chair)

2017 9th CD Convention, May 20th, Southwest Virginia 4-H Educational Center, Ratliff Hall Meeting Facility, Abingdon, VA; 20 members elected from among 5 regions, 2 men and 2 women from each region (Region 1: Montgomery County, Roanoke County, and Salem City; Region 2: Carroll County, Floyd County, Grayson County, Henry County, Patrick County, Galax City, and Martinsville City; Region 3: Alleghany County, Bland County, Craig County, Giles County, Pulaski County, Tazewell County, Covington City, and Radford City; Region 4: Russell County, Smyth County, Washington County, and Wythe County; Region 5: Buchanan County, Dickenson County, Lee County, Scott County, Wise County, Bristol City, and Norton City)

Geography, History

Virginia’s 9th Congressional District covers much of the southwestern part of the state and is Virginia’s second-largest district in area, covering 9,113.87 square miles (slightly larger than the whole state of New Jersey). The district is composed of 29 localities (cities, counties).

The current 9th District listed by total area among Virginia’s other 10 Congressional Districts:

  • 5th District: 10,029.79 square miles
  • 9th District: 9,113.87 square miles
  • 6th District: 5,930.02 square miles
  • 4th District: 4,310.34 square miles
  • 1st District: 3,684.32 square miles
  • 7th District: 2,776.39 square miles
  • 10th District: 1,372.24 square miles
  • 2nd District: 991.68 square miles
  • 3rd District: 947.10 square miles
  • 11th District: 185.09 square miles
  • 8th District: 149.24 square miles

The congressional district was first created March 4, 1789. It was eliminated June 20, 1863, then re-created March 4, 1873. It was once again eliminated March 4, 1933, and subsequently recreated January 3, 1935.

Political Representation

Incumbent: Morgan Griffith, Republican, since Jan 5, 2011 (next election in 2018)

In the last 60 years the district has been represented by 4 Congressman, 2 Democrats (W. Pat Jennings, January 3, 1955 – January 3, 1967; Frederick C. ‘Rick’ Boucher, January 3, 1983 – January 3, 2011) and 2 Republicans (William C. Wampler, January 3, 1967 – January 3, 1983; Morgan Griffith, January 3, 2011 – Present).


Demographics and census data, click here.

The 29 localities of the 9th District include all of 20 counties, part of 2, and all of 7 cities:

  • Alleghany
  • Bland
  • Bristol (City)
  • Buchanan
  • Carroll
  • Covington (City)
  • Craig
  • Dickenson
  • Floyd
  • Galax (City)
  • Giles
  • Grayson
  • Henry [part: 5th and 9th]
  • Lee
  • Martinsville (City)
  • Montgomery
  • Norton (City)
  • Patrick
  • Pulaski
  • Radford (City)
  • Roanoke [part: 6th and 9th]
  • Russell
  • Salem (City)
  • Scott
  • Smyth
  • Tazewell
  • Washington
  • Wise
  • Wythe

VA Cities & CountiesVirginia cities & counties

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Map from GovTrack.us. Maps for Florida, North Carolina, and Virginia have been updated to reflect 2016 court-ordered redistricting, as of Jan 3, 2017.