9th CD Committee Call to Convention on May 20th

I. Call

Pursuant to the authority provided by the Virginia Democratic Party Plan, the Ninth Congressional District Democratic Committee (“District Committee”) hereby calls a Convention to be held at 10:00 a.m. on Saturday, May 20 2017, at the following location:

Southwest Virginia 4-H Educational Center
Ratliff Hall Meeting Facility
25236 Hillman Highway
Abingdon, VA 24210

Registration shall start at 9:00 a.m.

II. Incorporated Documents

All appropriate provisions of the Virginia Democratic Party Plan (“State Party Plan”), as amended, and the guidelines issued by the Democratic Party of Virginia issued in March 2017 regarding allocation of delegates. The State Party Plan and guidelines are incorporated into this call by reference and made a part hereof.

III. Purposes of the District Convention shall be:

  1. To elect twenty Democratic State Central Committee members (ten male, ten female);
  2. To conduct such other business as may properly come before the convention.

IV. Selection and Allocation of District Convention Delegates and Alternates

Delegates and alternates to the District Convention shall be those elected by city or county caucuses to be conducted beginning at 7:00pm on Thursday, April 27th or at 12:00 noon on Saturday April 29th at the option of the local committee. The caucuses may be assembled or unassembled and will be held in accordance with the Party Plan. Delegates and alternates to the Ninth District Democratic Convention shall be allocated as approved by the Democratic Party of Virginia State Central Committee in March 2017 as follows:

Locality Name Delegates Allocated
Alleghany County 3
Bland County 1
Bristol City 2
Buchanan County 2
Carroll County 3
Covington City 1
Craig County 1
Dickenson County 2
Floyd County 3
Galax City 1
Giles County 3
Grayson County 2
Henry County 6
Lee County 2
Martinsville City 4
Montgomery County 20
Norton City 1
Patrick County 2
Pulaski County 5
Radford City 3
Roanoke County 4
Russell County 3
Salem City 4
Scott County 2
Smyth County 4
Tazewell County 4
Washington County 7
Wise County 3
Wythe County 3
Total 101

V. Participation and Outreach

Participation in the Ninth District Democratic Convention is open to all registered voters who wish to participate as Democrats. All meetings shall be open to all members of the Democratic Party regardless of race, sex, age, color, creed, national origin, religion, ethnic identity, sexual orientation, economic status, or disability, and all meetings shall be publicized fully.

The 9th Congressional District Committee and local committees within the 9th Congressional District should encourage full participation by all Democrats in the State Central Committee election process, including notice, publicity and education programs. Such outreach should be directed to all Democratic constituencies, including groups such as ethnic minorities, young people, persons over 65 years of age, LGBTQA individuals, persons with a high school education or less, persons with disabilities, and persons of low and moderate income.

VI. Declaration

  1. All persons participating in the Convention shall sign a declaration form which includes an affirmation that the person is a resident of, and registered to vote in, the Ninth Congressional District; does not intend to support any candidate who is opposed to the Democratic nominee in the next ensuing general election; is a Democrat; is not a member of any other political party; and has not participated and will not participate in the nominating process of any other political party for the 2017 general election.

VII. District Convention Rules and Credentials Committees

The District Convention shall be governed by the rules developed by the temporary Rules Committee for presentation and adoption by the Convention. The Ninth District chair shall appoint a temporary Rules Committee of at least five people to prepare temporary rules for the convention. The Ninth District chair shall appoint a temporary Credentials Committee of at least five people to credential delegates and alternates.


The District Convention shall elect Permanent Committees on Rules and Credentials. Each committee shall be composed of at least 5 members.


VIII. Election of Members of the State Central Committee

A.) Method – The twenty members of the Democratic State Central Committee from the Congressional District shall be elected by five regional caucuses via paper ballots at the convention. The regional caucuses shall each elect 2 men and 2 women to serve on the 9th Congressional District Committee. The names of persons selected by the five regional caucuses shall be presented to the full convention for ratification. The regional caucuses shall be comprised as follows:


Region 1: Delegates from Montgomery County, Roanoke County, and Salem City

Region 2: Delegates from Carroll County, Floyd County, Grayson County, Henry County, Patrick County, Galax City, and Martinsville City.

Region 3: Allegheny County, Bland County, Craig County, Giles County, Pulaski County, Tazewell County, Covington City, and Radford City.

Region 4: Russell County, Smyth County, Washington County, and Wythe County.

Region 5: Buchanan County, Dickenson County, Lee County, Scott County, Wise County, Bristol City, and Norton City.

B.) Pre-filing – Pre-filing is required to be elected to the State Central Committee from the Congressional District. Persons wishing to be elected are required to submit the Membership Pre-filing Form with the District Chair by 5:00 p.m. on Wednesday, May 10, 2017. The form must be received by the Chair by the designated deadline.

Although email is the preferred method, one may file via email, or mail, or in-person (hand deliver) provided that the form is received by the designated deadline. No matter which method one uses, a signature must be affixed to the Membership Prefiling Form.

All documents to be filed with the District Chair shall be filed as follows:

  • By Email (preferred): Isaac.Sarver@gmail.com
  • By Mail:
    Isaac Sarver, 9th CD Chair
    PO Box 1044,
    Dublin, VA 24084

C.) Slates Any individual or group of Democrats may sponsor or endorse a slate of candidates for election to the State Central Committee. However, no slate may receive preferential treatment or a preferential place on the ballot, nor may any slate be publicly identified on the ballot or otherwise as the “official slate.” Person(s) who want a slate listed on a ballot must provide (1) the name of the slate and (2) a list of persons comprising the slate, along with their Pre-filing Forms. This information must be filed with the District Chair by 5:00 PM, on Wednesday, May 10, 2017.

D.) Gender BalanceThe State Party Plan requires that the committee achieve gender balance. If the 20 elected members are not balanced by gender, the party plan provides that the three county/city members and the General Assembly member, all elected by the District Committee at its first meeting, can be used to ensure that equal division by gender is met.

E.) Cancellation of Convention/Caucuses – In the event that the total number of candidates pre-filing does not exceed ten men and ten women, regardless of sub-region, then no ballot will be necessary and those who pre-filed will be considered elected to the State Central Committee representing the 9th Congressional District Committee and the convention will be cancelled.

F.) Filling of VacanciesIn that event that vacancies remain in any sub-region after the deadline for filing passes, then the pre-filed candidates from that sub-region shall be considered elected to the 9th District Committee. The 9th District Committee at their first meeting after the district convention will fill those vacant seats, giving consideration first to those individuals who pre-filed for the district committee regardless of sub-region or locality.

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